About Me ( Fun People ! )

My name is Juan Andres Mercado and I’m a science and life enthusiast.

I have a long time working on varied challenge projects.

With a big, experience as a Specialist in Design, Innovation, Digital Culture, Agile Methods, Cloud Architectures, Micro Services Paradigm, High Availability Systems and Oracle Products. Management too.

I have been taking different roles as Administrator, Team Leadership, Project Leader, TAM, leader of innovation and CTO.

I am focusing on new technologies too, building solutions such as Machine learning, data lakes, bigdata environments and managing a great team of fantastic people that adds value for customer satisfaction with a great technical background and experience.

Most projects that I‘ve worked on are Hybrids Ecosystems, Micro Services and scalable, Oracle Products and System Engineering. The last years focused on Microservices, Data-driven strategies and Cloud Ecosystems too!

I have fluid communication, coordinated and scheduled work with many teams and resources on the projects as known as “Following the Sun”. (Example: Brazil, Romania, Germany, Spain, India.)

My role has been to help those teams grow through leadership, team mentoring and personal growth to achieve the goal.

Many times, customers seek my advice on business issues that extended beyond the immediate scope of my project work.

I love challenges in my work and in my personal growth too.

Some Skills that I have are:

  • A proven leader with exceptional commitment.
  • Leader of innovation.
  • Hypothesis-led problem-solving.
  • Framing and communicating complex ideas.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Entrepreneurial, Curious, Creative.
  • I have a record of accomplishment because I am thinking innovatively.
  • Ability to adapt to changes.

If you need people with the authentic capacity to understand the business and innovate to achieve your organization’s goals, please, contact me,  and we discover a solution together.

#BigData #Analytics #MachineLearnig #MKT #Future #AI #IOT #DataScience #OpenWolrd #Life #Culture #Learning #DeepLearning #Cognition #Neuronal

12 thoughts on “About Me ( Fun People ! )

  1. Hola Juan Andres, antes que nada felicitarte por tu blog, por otro lado, para enviarte algun tipo de consulta tendras algun correo a donde poder hacxertela llegar? Gracias de antemano por tu tiempo


  2. Hi, thanks a lot for your sites and the information on it to install anaconda3. It works and this without yakety-yak. <>
    I’ve been looking for a workaround to install VirtualBox at Fedora 33 too. Can you help or do you know thomeone who can help?


      1. Hi Juan Andreas, thanks for your answer. I can start the VBox Manager without problems and to import a *.vbox works fine. When I start this, I get some failure-messages. First of all: “Kernel driver not installed(rc=-1908) and so on… executing ‘/sbin/vboxconfig’ This is not so helpfully for me. The messages about sign the kernel modules vboxdrv, vboxnetflt, vboxnetadp and vboxpci are more important first I think. Last but not least: where: suplibOsInit what: 3 VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED (-1908) – The support driver is not installed. On linux, open returned ENOEN

        How can I start to fix this? As I know, there is no typical installation description to find for VBox 6.1 in fedora 33 at the moment and my made experiences with Linux are not enough to fix this.

        Crazy but nice world, me as a european asking you at the other side of the world for help. Thanks in advance.


      2. Yeah a nice world, two extreme side of the wolrd share and solving issues.
        Its possible that this issue happen because , sometimes, the drives connot start in virtual box, this modules as vboxdrv, need starting before your run the config, but generally not occurs ever. So you can start running the following comand in terminal :
        sudo modprobe vboxdrv
        and tell me if afther this your could service start.


  3. Hi Juan Andreas, not all works well now but I can load an exisiting .vbox-files and start this. In a Win10-machine as example, I can logging in but than the mouse is loosing the connection. The keyboard is still working and I can close the session properly. The other thing is, I’m missing the directory .virtualbox, where I can find the logs, but without log-files it will be much more difficult to find a solution…. What’s your idea?


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