Dataflow | How to Install and configure NIFI

What is and for what ?

Nifi is a web tool that we can use to perform data ingestion.

It allows us to listen, format and make a first filter of the messages (data) received by several of its embedded processors.

Likewise process and distribute data.

Download Packages and checks

Download the packages from:

There we will find different versions of the product.

Then we proceed to perform a CHECKSUM to verify that it is a safe package and that it did not suffer alterations along the way.

[amercado.nbfor101200] ➤ md5sum nifi-1.4.0-bin.tar.gz
28c5511073452cf59e9ec1b278a1a7e4 nifi-1.4.0-bin.tar.gz


Unzip the package in the path
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Configuring Oracle Disks with Multipath – 1st Part Instalation

Tux, the Linux penguin
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Configurando Multipath – Instalando RPMS

Muchas Veces me ha tocado realizar una instalación desde cero y eso ha incluido la instalación del SO.
Como administradores del storage de ASM debemos conocer bien como se agregan los discos al SO, cuando nos asignan una LUN.
En mi caso particular utilizo con multipath para linux.

Instalando los paquetes necesarios

Para poder realizar la instalación del multipath es preciso descargar el paquete :


Como llegue a la conclusion de que debía ser este paquete y no otro ?

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