Oracle Golden Gate on Exadata | Configure OGG

In the previous article  Install OGG, we noticed that the installation of software Oracle GoldenGate finished fine and could observer that the manager runs fine.

So, We need start with the following steps to continue with the awaited moment, replication.

Also for easy administration and execution of OGG command line, its recommend set the environment variables.

Usually, I set the env variables for avoid issues.

export OGG_HOME=/ggate/OGG/11.2.0/<$ORACLE_SID>
export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/dbhome/

You can set it, on the .bash_profile or (I preferred use an simple env variable script on the user home) an script.

The config used on the prevously step, avoid some error that will be appear, for example:

./ggsci: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file

Keep in mind this check:

  • tnsnames
  • Define TNS_ADMIN
  • Create subdirs [OGG_CONSOLE]
  • Prepare the Source Database
  • Configure Parameters on Source and Target Databases for Golden Gate.
  • Configure Users on Source and Target Databases.

Let’s start !

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