Dataflow | How to Install and configure NIFI

What is and for what ?

Nifi is a web tool that we can use to perform data ingestion.

It allows us to listen, format and make a first filter of the messages (data) received by several of its embedded processors.

Likewise process and distribute data.

Download Packages and checks

Download the packages from:

There we will find different versions of the product.

Then we proceed to perform a CHECKSUM to verify that it is a safe package and that it did not suffer alterations along the way.

[amercado.nbfor101200] ➤ md5sum nifi-1.4.0-bin.tar.gz
28c5511073452cf59e9ec1b278a1a7e4 nifi-1.4.0-bin.tar.gz


Unzip the package in the path
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