Install Oracle Golden Gate 12c on Silent Mode


This week I had to install the Oracle Golden Gate product on a client and the DBA that was on site, was deprived of the access to a graphical environment to execute the installation with the Oracle Universal Install method.

The first thing that this young man tells me is that he had thought about uploading the software and doing the unzip and voila!

With that I would have the binaries ready to be used and start with the configurations.

But we were before a version of OGG 12c and this is not possible.

It is so that it appeals to the traditional installation in SILENT MODE.

Starting of Installation

I asked you to follow the following steps:

  1. Create the path for the software installation.
  2. Deploy the installation binaries with the unzip command.
  3. Identify the Response File.
  4. Execute the installation in silent mode.

Path for software installation

It helps to create a mnemonic path in case we will contain more instances of OGG in the future.


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