How to find your Exadata Machine Version

In some caso to buil a report or its necesary know the version on own exadata machine to take some desicion to increaze the storage, virtualized or apply an upgrade we can find this information in the file databasemachine.xml :


With this command line we know where to find the file :

[root@exa01dbadm01 ~]# locate databasemachine.xml | xargs ls -l

when knowing which is the date of the file, we know which is the last updated, and there we filter which is our XML file, in order to obtain the version of the computer equipment:

[root@exa01dbadm01 ~]# cat /EXAVMIMAGES/onecommand/linux_x64/DEPLOY-20-08-2019/cluster2_databasemachine.xml | grep -i MACHINETYPE

X6-2 Elastic Rack HC 8TB

It is important that we know what each of the acronyms HC or HP means:

HP => High Performance
HC => High Capcity

I hope it is useful for reporting or making decisions about your exadata database machine.

Exadata X5 – Security recommend, change the default installation passwords

Cuando se realiza el deploy de exadata, se instalan siempre con passwords defaults para que los usuarios rapidamente se incorporen al uso del database machine.

Es altamente recomendable cambiar estas password cuando se definan las politicas de seguridad para evitar incidentes a futuro.

Aqui les dejo la lista de las passwords que estan involucradas en el mismo: Seguir leyendo «Exadata X5 – Security recommend, change the default installation passwords»