How to install Anaconda in fedora 33

Hi Frends ! Many time transcurred from the last post and I’m here again and some news.

Anaconda Navigator

Yeah , and many things as «Oracle Company Close my Facebook fanpage» because I had an a great community of friends from all word, shared knowledge and friendly solutions.

Obviously, at the «oracle style» , without previous notification and a legal letter.

Today, I start with a list of many pendients , that we shared on my old community.

As How to migrate Oracle database to Postgres o solutions , tools about Kubernetes , docker or Terraforms plans, AWS, terragrount, openshift, many lots of tools and examples, troublshoting and more about those technologies.

Today I start with , how to install Anaconda in linux to start with build some solutions as create dashborads, analizate information and some works more from each day as big data analitc.

Installing Ananconda

You could choise install on some platform as windows, mac and linux.

On this I will explain the process to install in linux fedora, but is the same process to install on another linux linux distributions.

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Oracle Exadata | Log Files on Cells Nodes

Oracle Exadata Servers
Oracle Exadata Servers (Photo credit: kevinrwalsh)

Como lo describiera en el Articulo Oracle Exadata | Log Files on Database Machine , vamos a detallar el uso de logs y en donde poder encontrarlos en nuestra Oracle Exadata Machine.

En el anterior articulo, ademas de haber expresado de la importancia de la revision de los logs, lo hicimos en referencia a las databases.

Ahora vamos a enfocarnos en los cells nodes.

Manos a la obra !

Cells Logs

Es importante verificar que la variable CELLTRACE se encuentre seteada para poder trabajar con las variables y acceder de una forma mas agil , rapida y sencilla.

Un ejemplo de ello seria:


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