How to move online tablespace in Oracle 19c

A few days ago, when the team performed some application deployment tasks, we noticed that the different schemas, created the datafiles, which belong to a TBS, were created at the destination of the CDB or PDB’s.

We start with the first task of verifying that the db_create_file_dest parameter was configured.

This parameter that differs in container paths as from PDB, is the one that guarantees that, through the OMF utility, the datafiles are created in the correct paths.

A demo was made, to understand the problem with developers, devops and dbas.
So that the importance of setting these values and the impact of not having their configuration is understood.

Likewise, we proceeded to move the datafiles, from the wrong paths, to the correct paths where the datafiles should be created.

Hands on

Check and configure the db_create_file_dest .

Check the default configuration

show parameter db_create_file_dest
SQL> show parameter db_create_file_dest

NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE
------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
db_create_file_dest                  string

It’s empty.

Set the configuration for Container Database (CDB)

ALTER SYSTEM SET db_create_file_dest='/opt/oracle/oradata/ORCLCDB';
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