Oracle Golden Gate on Exadata | Configure OGG

In the previous article  Install OGG, we noticed that the installation of the software Oracle GoldenGate finished fine and could observe that the manager runs fine.

So, We need to start with the following steps to continue with the awaited moment, replication.

Also for easy administration and execution of the OGG command line, it recommends setting the environment variables.

Usually, I set the env variables to avoid issues.

export OGG_HOME=/ggate/OGG/11.2.0/<$ORACLE_SID>
export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/dbhome/

You can set it, on the .bash_profile or (I preferred using a simple env variable script on the user home) an script.

The config used in the previous step, avoid some error that will appear, for example:

./ggsci: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file

Keep in mind this check:

  • tnsnames
  • Define TNS_ADMIN
  • Create sub dirs [OGG_CONSOLE]
  • Prepare the Source Database
  • Configure Parameters on Source and Target Databases for Golden Gate.
  • Configure Users on Source and Target Databases.

Let’s start!

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Oracle Golden Gate on Exadata | Install OGG on ACFS

Well, once installed ACFS Cluster File system, continues installing to the graphical Oracle Golden Gate Product.

Before starting this task, I recommend that check the following links. Good, let’s start.

  • Download the software OGG.

  • Create the OGG paths.
cd /ggate
mkdir -p /ggate/OGG/11.2.0/$ORACLE_SID
mkdir -p /ggate/OGG/STAGE
  • Move the file to the shared file system and unzip the file.
mv /ggate/OGG/STAGE
cd /ggate/OGG/STAGE
  • Set the X variables and execute the OGG installation.
cd fbo_ggs_Linux_x64_shiphome
export $OGG_HOME=/ggate/OGG/11.2.0/$ORACLE_SID

Note Tip: You have the option to realize the silent mode installation. Check Here OGG Silent Mode

  • Select the Database Version Button (we choose the 11g, because we’ll replicate between 11g and 12c)

Remember, it depends on the site where you install the OGG binaries, you need to choose the adequate version supported by your database.

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Oracle Golden Gate on Exadata | Configuring ACFS

Good Morning Guys! I am starting a new challenge, and my articles will be written in English Mode, because the best part of the public and messages that I receive every day are from India, England, the USA and many countries around the world.

I love the Community and promise to continue giving support and answers to a lot of mails in Spanish that I receive every week. Let’s start!

Matrix Installation

Product Version
Oracle Golden Gate
Exadata Image Version
Oracle Grid Infrastructure

Pre Requisites

We’ll start with a summary of tasks that we need to keep in mind to start with the configuration and installation of Oracle Golden Gate on a RAC environment. It’s necessary :

  • As a share file system, we chose ACFS (ASM Cluster File System) under grid infrastructure 12.1.0
  • Oracle Golden Gate.

Creating and configuring ACFS on Exadata

When we working on an Oracle RAC environment, we must install an OGG on a cluster file system. As part of the architecture design, we choose the ACFS, but we could use NFS or DBFS.

My decision was based on my experience with this FS and listening to the council from others partners, that was used on ODA implementations.

Basically, my procedure is same that on Non-Exadata Environments:

. oraenv

On the next screen, we can see the name of the candidate DG.

Generally, we find typically three disk groups.

  • We choose the DBFS_DG .

Golden Gate || When we start REPLICAT with AFTERCSN or ATCSN


Buenas Tardes Amigos, esta semana estuve en un cliente donde pude observar en sus instalaciones muchos issues o configuraciones no correctas.

No es culpa del cliente en ningun momento, solamente verifico que parte del equipo tenia muchos erroes de conceptos acerca de Golden Gate como de otros productos.

En parte de mis experiencias, esta semana tuvimos que recuperar varias replicaciones por caidas de plataformas con Golden Gate que no tenian monitoreo ni contaban con politicas de backup adecuadas.

En parte de la recuperacion de las replicas, una en particular debimos hacer nuevamente los Initial Load de tablas, ya que no se encontraban los trails necesarios para aplicar.

Por parte de uno de los DBA locales surgio el siguiente cuestionamiento:

Que debemos utilizar para la comenzar la replica ?? AFTERCSN o ATCSN ??

Y mi respuesta fue:

Cuando instanciamos una nueva base de datos TARGET, con datos provenientes de un SOURCE database, el proceso de REPLICAT debe coincidir y ser coherente con el methodo que elegimos para realizar el INITIAL LOAD.

Por ello:

  • AFTERCSN es utilizado para comenzar el REPLICAT (START REPLICAT) si la metodologia escogida para instanciar el target , fue datapump.
    El export es ejecutado, y debe ser consistente en un valor FLASHBACK_SCN.
    Debe ser pasado como parametro en el archivo de par file o en la sentencia de ejecucion.

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Install Oracle Golden Gate 12c on Silent Mode


This week I had to install the Oracle Golden Gate product on a client and the DBA that was on site, was deprived of the access to a graphical environment to execute the installation with the Oracle Universal Install method.

The first thing that this young man tells me is that he had thought about uploading the software and doing the unzip and voila!

With that I would have the binaries ready to be used and start with the configurations.

But we were before a version of OGG 12c and this is not possible.

It is so that it appeals to the traditional installation in SILENT MODE.

Starting of Installation

I asked you to follow the following steps:

  1. Create the path for the software installation.
  2. Deploy the installation binaries with the unzip command.
  3. Identify the Response File.
  4. Execute the installation in silent mode.

Path for software installation

It helps to create a mnemonic path in case we will contain more instances of OGG in the future.


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