How to Start , Stop and Restart database easy in Oracle 19.

Hello friends, here again.

It’s a minimal post to share this option to start, stop and restart the oracle databases as Linux services.

If you remember in my last article oracle installation, we used the file oracledb_ORCLCDB-19c to configure and install the databases and containers, we will use the same script as the operating system service.

We must run this script as a root user ever because will appear error as follow:

You must be root user to run the configurations script. Login as root user and try again.

We stop the service.

For patch application, window maintenance, deploy.

/etc/init.d/oracledb_ORCLCDB-19c stop

We start the service.

For an autonomous start, as a result of output scripts.

/etc/init.d/oracledb_ORCLCDB-19c start

We restart the service.

/etc/init.d/oracledb_ORCLCDB-19c restart

I share this experience here:

Enjoy your automatic control of the downtime database.