Oracle Golden Gate on Exadata | Configuring ACFS

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Matrix Installation

Product Version
Oracle Golden Gate
Exadata Image Version
Oracle Grid Infrastructure

Pre Requisites

We’ll start with a summary of tasks that we need to keep in mind to start with the configuration and installation of Oracle Golden Gate on a RAC environment. It’s necessary :

  • As a share file system, we chose ACFS (ASM Cluster File System) under grid infrastructure 12.1.0
  • Oracle Golden Gate.

Creating and configuring ACFS on Exadata

When we working on an Oracle RAC environment, we must install an OGG on a cluster file system. As part of the architecture design, we choose the ACFS, but we could use NFS or DBFS.

My decision was based on my experience with this FS and listening to the council from others partners, that was used on ODA implementations.

Basically, my procedure is same that on Non-Exadata Environments:

. oraenv

On the next screen, we can see the name of the candidate DG.

Generally, we find typically three disk groups.

  • We choose the DBFS_DG .

  • Choose the Volume tab.
  • Click the Create button to create a new Volume (remember that we need the OGG FS).
  • Complete Create Volume.
  1. Volume Name: ogg_exa2a
  2. Disk Group: DBFS_DG
  3. Size: 80 GB (Realize the necessary Capacity Planning)

  • Once the creation process finishes successfully you’ll see a similar screen.
  1. Check if the Volume and Volume device are right.

  • Now,  after the Volume was created, it’s necessary to create the ACFS.
  • Choose the ASM Cluster File Systems tab.
  • Choose the Create button, at the bottom.

  • Complete the fields (pay attention to Mount Point, must exist before executing the mount command).
  • Remember to choose the FS created in the last step.

I love to check some steps on the background and reviewing the oracle logs.

It’s not necessary, but I love them =D

  • Great! Now, you need to execute the following script as root or some user that has the enough privileges.

  • Here, the command execution is in the first node only, and the output.

  • Good! Here the screen with ACFS is mount!

Now, we are ready to start with the Oracle Golden Gate installation.

See you on the next Step! Install OGG on ACFS

Juan Andres Mercado | Oracle DMA

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  1. Hola Juan, excelente artículo. No mencionas si lo que estas configurando precisa de licenciamiento especial o depende de una versión en particular de Oracle, aunque puede parecer trivial al dba experto, quienes recién comienzan no necesariamente están al tanto de ese detalle.
    Saludos !

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    1. Hola Gustavo , excelente punto y aporte. Actualizare el artículo con las versiones que utilice en exadata y versiones de ogg y bases de datos involucradas.
      Muchas Gracias por el detalle , seguiremos en ese camino , enjoy it !


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